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My Travels
Koh Phangan, Thailand

Saturday, August 9, 2014

To the Land of Dragons

I have the opportunity to go to China!

I am very excited about this opportunity, as it is something I have been considering for some time and thinking about. I have been drawn to the Chinese culture and enjoyed teaching in Taiwan last year, though it was also very challenging. But it was also SO worth it! A beautiful country with amazingly friendly people who are so welcoming and generous hosts in a natural and refreshing way.

The beauty of Taiwan- just a taste

I might be going to Shanghai to teach English and it can be in just a few short weeks or it can be in the Spring.

I will keep you updated. I wanted to get back to the blogosphere, as I know it has been ages and I apologize to my faithful readers! And so here is my entrance back in- (dazzling, ear popping, firework worthy, fashionably late?) welcome back to my blog- there shall be more to come as we venture out together!

Taiwan homemade fireworks

I have been in the states this year and taught at a middle school in my home state as a replacement teacher, which was also quite an experience! I will post more on this at a later date.

Stay tuned into my blog for more about my time in Thailand as well, where I spent about a month after my year teaching in Taiwan!

Time for tea in Taiwan- a tranquil tradition

I want to hear from you- where would you go and why? Do you prefer the familiar or the uncharted seas?  Are you a risk taker? What do you like about where you live?

And now- for the deep sea questions to continue the theme- What are you most passionate about? What is your mission or your role in life? And- is a challenge worth it if you learn something valuable? Please share your answers below and subscribe to stay updated for what is next!

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