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My Travels
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Beaches, Mountains or Desert?

 (Don't Just Pick a Card Country, Any Card Country?)

I am down to the final three choices in deciding where I will go to teach next for this fall: 

Georgia (the Eurasian country!) Located between Turkey and Russia: Land of Mountains, Hills, Black Sea beaches



I wanted to go here before I went to Korea to teach. I was so exhilarated when I found out I had the opportunity to go here- partly because I was so excited that this was becoming a reality- being able to go on an overseas adventure to teach, I was thrilled, no matter where it was! I did research on the country and my enthusiasm remained and now that it's an option again, it has even increased! It sounds like it would be an amazing place to teach, it would only be 3 months and I'll be back home for Christmas and then off on my next adventure! It would be a unique experience, learning the language of Georgian and/or Russian, living with a host family and exploring the beautiful country that has a vibrant culture and interesting history.

Taiwan: Beautiful Island, Beaches nearby, Land of Tigers and Lions



I was originally going to teach here once I decided on Asia. Pause for a moment as I reflect on how different my experiences would have been in a completely different country with different people, different events, different opportunities, different doors and windows! I visited here on my New Year's break while I was teaching in Korea and it was a place I fell in love with - see my post here for more info on that! I knew I wanted to go back. I got the opportunity to visit the YWAM base in Taipei and knew I wanted to return to be in this amazingly awesome outreach missions training adventure program!

 Now I have the opportunity to go and teach in a missions school and then I could look at my options of being in YWAM afterward. The school year would be September to June and then I would be able to do YWAM the following September or March.

 It is an island, so there is the danger of flooding. I would not be right near the coast, but near enough that my area could still be at risk, though they do have a Flood Prevention Pumping station located nearby.

It sounds like a great community to be in and a great opportunity to develop more professionally as well as have great opportunities to reach out to the community here and learn more about the culture and language of Mandarin Chinese- which I would love to start learning!

 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Desert or Oasis?

 I did research on this country and learned that despite its challenges (wearing an abaya-learn more about it here from a Saudi girl's blog, strict rules and limited movement, no religious freedoms, etc.) It can be an amazing place as well to explore, you can go scuba diving, wind surfing and sailing and explore other countries as well. Getting experience as a university instructor (at an all female university) would be invaluable and would open up the door to other great opportunities as well. This would be a year contract and would allow me to pay off my loans, plus save some money, allowing me to pursue some of my other goals right after. It could be a dangerous location and would not have a lot of freedom, but would be excited for this opportunity and unique learning and teaching experience, as it is not a place traditionally open for tourists. It would also be a great time to write my book and devote time to that!

Got a bit of the travel bug yourself? Learn how you can work overseas too! 

Or See how you can teach and travel the world like I am doing!

I would love to hear about you, my dear readers, wherever in the world you are- tell me, where you are from and where you would want to travel- for vacation and where you would like to live and work for a year or so?

Which of the three countries above would you choose? Would you recommend your home country to travel to or work in? Where have you traveled or worked in- and would you recommend it? Please tell me in the comments below!

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